Our Warranty

Litchfield Limited Warranty Information 2013

Litchfield International warranties its Hangerlok and Strutcatcher products and accessories for use according to its brochures, drawings, and installation methods for field use for construction infrastructure systems, oem applications, and design.

Litchfield guarantees its products from defect and or failure for use as stated. Litchfield International reserves the right to limit warranty for installations that may be determined unsafe and or outside the express use for its products. The company recognizes that there may be external causes and or environments in which the product may not operate to user expectations. See MSDS sheets.

Litchfield International offers limited warranty of products only through Litchfield International and its authorized agents and distributors. Product obtained outside of Litchfield's distribution channels will not be covered by said warranty.

Litchfield Int. only offers a warranty on Hangerlok [3 sizes] and its accessories when used together. Any interchange of parts from other manufacturers voids any expressed warranty. Additionally, Litchfield International is held harmless from any claim by parties involved in mixing non uniform products from Litchfield International. Any claim for damaged product must be made in writing within thirty days of purchase. Before using in very caustic environments ensure that the correct Hangerlok product is chosen for use. End user miscalculations of product choice in non-authorized environments voids any warranty. Litchfield International encourages all users to contact the company for support information on installations where very caustic chemicals are in the proximity of installation.

Hangerlok is made in an engineered plastic polymer. Hangerlok is corrosion resistant and UV protected for inside facility and outside exposed installations.

Hangerlok is made for electrical conduit, coax cables and other structured cables, all types and weights of piping and tubing.

Hangerlok is a registered trademark.

Hangerlok is made in USA.